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Vectors Group is a business consulting company that helps non-profit organizations apply business practices to achieve and maintain high-impact and sustainable results. By leveraging best practices in strategic planning, funding diversification, communications, project management and organizational performance, as well as providing training, Vectors Group strives to help nonprofits in their pursuit of building healthy and thriving communities where everyone can fully participate and live fulfilling lives.

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Meet our Team

Omer Livvarcin

Founder and Lead Consultant

Sarah Woolsey

Training Specialist

Agradip Dutta

Research Associate

Dr.Diana Gimba

Lead Consultant

Erva Yilmaz

Customer Relations Director

Omer Livvarcin is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Vectors Group, a business consulting company specialized in non-profit management. After serving 30 years in the Turkish Navy, he retired as a Navy Captain and moved to Canada in 2016. Besides consulting, Omer also has strong ties to academia holding positions at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, where he is Part-time Professor and Program Manager of Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership. Omer has two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and has developed and published several scientific models and metrics to increase strategic performance in public and non-profit organizations.

Agradip Dutta has an MA in Public Ethics and Governance from the University of Ottawa. He has his Bachelor degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management from Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs in Carleton University. He is currently a Research Consultant at Vectors Group, a consulting firm specializing in non-profit management. Previously he worked as Research associates for the number of SSHRC funded projects at the University of Ottawa. Besides Canada, Agradip has worked as Junior Expert for the European Union Delegation in Bangladesh where he supported the organization with reporting and monitoring of policy positions related to human rights commitments of the Govt. of Bangladesh, and development cooperation initiatives.

His research interests include organizational policies for the non-profit sector including the use of new technology to measure performances and outcomes generated from the project being implemented by the non-profit sector.

He has presented papers at academic conferences. His master’s research titled, “Developing a public policy approach using public value framework, for social media monitoring during crises situations” was presented at the International Humanitarian Technology Conference of IEEE and to the social media working group in ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

He is currently supporting Non-Profit Management Lab (NML), with the development of research articles and reports to communicate to diverse stakeholders different approaches that can be applied to increase operational efficiency of the non-profit sector.

Dr. Diana has over 15 years of proven skills in the design and management of international development programs and projects with core strength in public sector Result Based Management, institutional reforms, policy analysis at national, regional and sector levels and big data information systems. With strong cognitive abilities in big data management, she is the Lead Consultant of VectorsGroup, Canada.

Having lived and worked in Africa, Europe and North America Diana successfully led reputable businesses like Ra-ah International Development, iRadar Canada and Aidbonding corporations.

Erva Yilmaz has assisted with the organization of a Government-funded Human Rights Project and visited diverse ethnic and civil communities across Alberta to explore common issues and struggles with adaptation in western society. She has developed questionnaires to understand the extent of the problem and conduct need assessments and assisted with the organization of seminars and presentation to address Women and Human Rights, Legal Rights, Leadership, Communication barriers, and Parenting. Having studied as an economics and sociology student at the University of Alberta, and currently at the University of Toronto. She is the Customer Relations Director of VectorsGroup, Canada.

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