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About Vectors Group

Vectors Group is a business consulting company that helps non-profit organizations apply business practices to achieve and maintain high-impact and sustainable results. By leveraging best practices in strategic planning, funding diversification, communications, project management and organizational performance, as well as providing training, Vectors Group strives to help nonprofits in their pursuit of building healthy and thriving communities where everyone can fully participate and live fulfilling lives.

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Meet our Team

Omer Livvarcin

Founder and Lead Consultant

Sarah Woolsey

Training Specialist

Omer Livvarcin is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Vectors Group, a business consulting company specialized in non-profit management. After serving 30 years in the Turkish Navy, he retired as a Navy Captain and moved to Canada in 2016. Beside consulting, Omer also has strong ties to academia holding positions at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, where he is Part-time Professor and Program Manager of Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership. Omer has two master’s degrees and a PhD in Strategic Management and has developed and published several scientific models and metrics to increase strategic performance in public and non-profit organizations

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