Management Consulting for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

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Omer Livvarcin

Omer Livvarcin is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Vectors Group, a business consulting company specialized in nonprofit management.

Ida Rafiqah

Ida brings a wealth of expertise in designing development projects from initiation to exit strategy, stakeholder relations, managing large data of multiple projects in fast-paced environments.

Ed Bernacki

Ed Bernacki Senior Consultant
Ed Bernacki’s career started with a non-profit association in Canada and then expanded to living in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore and working in the public and private sectors. He developed an interest in helping people and organizations build their capacity to innovate.

Brenda Norman

Brenda Norman
Non-Profit and Social Enterprise Consultant. Change Agent, Creative Fundraiser, Special Events and Project Developer.

Sarah Woolsey

Focused on people and education.

Agradip Dutta

Agradip Dutta has an MA in Public Ethics and Governance from the University of Ottawa. He has his Bachelor degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management from Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs in Carleton University.

Diana Gimba

Dr. Diana has over 15 years of proven skills in international development programs and projects with core strength in public sector Result Based Management, institutional reforms, policy analysis and big data information systems.

Erva Yilmaz

Erva has assisted with the organization of a Government-funded Human Rights Project and visited diverse ethnic and civil communities across Alberta to explore common issues and struggles with adaptation in western society.