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Einstein and nonprofit management are closely related. Einstein was generally considered to be a reasonably smart dude. After all, he dreamed up the famous “e equals m c squared” formula and other stuff that people don’t even try to comprehend. He was so smart that a book about a car trip with his brain became a popular book upon his death. Yup, Albert was one smart, logical dude.

He was also quite adept at mugging for photographers. Oh yeah, he was also quite quotable. So the question is, what’s the relationship between Einstein and nonprofit management?

One of my favourite Einstein quotes is: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” How often do we get caught up in solving problems and creating opportunities based on what we think we know? How much better and cooler could our solutions be, and what are our possibilities if we used our imagination instead?

The pandemic has forced all of us out of our normal routines. This had made us uncomfortable and forced most of us to have to scramble. The pandemic has been a struggle for most of us as individuals and us collectively in our respective organizations.

With the pandemic upheaval, perhaps it is time for us to consider Einstein’s quote about knowledge.

Perhaps it is time to stop lamenting that our routines have been shattered (potentially forever) and instead focus our energies on our imaginations. Imaginations can create new futures and new possibilities based not on knowledge but on dreams and aspirations for what might be.

Of course, we need knowledgeable nonprofit leaders; however, think about the potential impact of imagination in nonprofit management. Imagination can play a key role in the sustainable growth of nonprofit organizations and charities. We need nonprofit leaders who can think out of the box.

Authors: Rick Nason and Omer Livvarcin

Omer and Rick are authors of the book Risk Management for Non-Profit Organizations, published by Business Expert Press


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