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Change management is a big challenge for nonprofit organizations. It shouldn’t be.

Do you remember your first day at University?  Along with all the anxieties about starting a new venture, there was also the excitement about the opportunity to be a new you.  Starting at university meant an opportunity to start again by meeting people who did not know the “old you” and all of the habits and mannerisms that you wanted to rid yourself of.  You could present yourself to the world as a completely redesigned and refurbished “You 2.0”.

It was a chance to start all over again – now that you viewed yourself as a much wiser and more mature university student, and not just a measly high schooler.  (Of course, you ignore the fact that you are really only just a few months older than when in High School, and in reality you probably did little self-development in those few transitional months beyond video games, going to the beach, and working in a summer job that you thought was “sooooo very lame”.)

Now consider your organization as a student about to go off to university.  What changes would you make?  What would be the version “2.0” of your organization?  If there was a chance to remake the organization and start a new chapter in its life, what would that look like?

The reality is that you do not need to go to university to reinvent yourself, or to reinvent your organization.  Every day is an opportunity for reinvention.  Furthermore, if a total make-over seems too daunting, it is at a minimum a chance for a tweak, an experimental change, or even just a subtle shift in attitude.  The truth is that you do not need a once-in-a-lifetime event to improve.

Each day brings opportunities for upgrading.  What upgrades will you make today?

Don’t be afraid of change in your nonprofit organization. You have the capacity and need for successful change management. Remember your experience as a student on the first day of school. For many of us, it was a milestone. The reinvention and the change can be the milestones of your nonprofit organization.


Authors: Rick Nason and Omer Livvarcin

Omer and Rick are authors of the book Risk Management for Non-Profit Organizations, published by Business Expert Press


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