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Vectors Group Consultant Membership

Becoming a Vectors Group member is not just a gateway to become part of a successful team but also a smart investment in your future. If you are a skilled person who is passionate to add value to the humanity and this is the right address for you.

Please read the following protocol to learn more about membership benefits and responsibilities.


    A Vectors Group (VG) Member is a person who has the rights and responsibilities to act as a VG agent in the role of a consultant.


Rules and Regulations

  1. All parties working on VG projects are required to be a VG Member with good standings (excluding strategic partner and full-time/part-time staff with payroll)
  2. VG Members are required to state they are a VG Consultant on all of their social media pages or personal websites
  3. VG Members are required to have a cards printed based on the VG design
  4. VG Members will be required to sign an non disclosure agreement and VG Membership Contract
  5. VG Members Benefits and Rights
    1. Be listed on VG website and social media accounts
    2. Be involved in relevant projects
    3. Be trained on VG tools, products, and services
    4. Have access to VG management tools and models
    5. Contribute to new products and services development
    6. Have access to VG customer data base
    7. Have access to VG project documentation (certain restrictions apply)
    8. Have access to VG human resources
    9. Use VG organizational infrastructure
    10. Use VG brand for marketing and sales according to VG policies and protocols
    11. No cost for trainings, workshops, or events that VG offers, or produces
    12. Get paid for referrals and participation in projects
    13. Join and/or lead project teams
    14. Organize events, workshops and trainings with VG brand and use VG library resources
  6. VG Members have the following responsibilities
    1. Exclusively work under VG brand in any consulting projects or services that are offered by VG
    2. Have and use a VG email for professional communication
    3. Attend to VG virtual meetings (in person meetings will be optional)
    4. Promote VG brand and solutions in all platforms including social media
    5. Support business development and marketing efforts of VG through social media, in person networking, and events
    6. Do not participate in any professional business activity that conflicts with the existing services of VG
    7. Update Customer Relations Management (CRM) and To do list documents in coordination with VG staff
    8. Inform and report leads, project ideas, and all VG business regularly using WhatsApp group, or directly with with leadership team
    9. Have a professional headshot and bio for VG webpage, social media accounts and business cards
    10. Follow VG protocols
    11. Avoid any form of conflict of interest
  7. VG Members are required to pay the $360 nonrefundable annual membership fee and renew each year on August 1st.
  8. It is mandatory the VG Members have an email. The fee is included in the annual membership
  9. VG Membership fees will be paid each year on August 1st. New VG Members will pay the amount based on the month they join the team through to August 1st.

VG membership can be obtained by qualiVG Members are responsible to pay the annual cost of their mandatory VG email.fying consultants at any time. The annual membership begins and is renewed every August. The following formula will be used
Vectors Group Annual Membership fee August to August =$360.00
Vectors Group New Membership fee throughout the year = (number of months to the next August x $30 (CAD)

  1. VG holds to rights to update annual membership fee.
  2. VG has the rights to cancel and refund membership fee for the remaining months if VG Members do not comply with the organizational system and protocols of Vectors Group.
  3. VG Members can cancel their contracts with Vectors Group with 30 days notice or upon the completion of an active VG projects (no refunds will be granted)
  4. Should you need to make arrangements for payments please feel free to contact Omer Livvarcin to discuss.

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