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Vectors Group offers social media marketing and online visibility solutions for nonprofit organizations and charities.

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    “Vectors Group was surprisingly fast and effective in our strategy evaluation process. Their custom designed questionnaire both helped us to quantify “where we are today” and “where we want to be in the future” and helped us prioritize our strategies.”

    Yacouba Traoré, Executive Director, Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre

    Logo Stepherds of good hope

    “We wanted to build on the quality of services that we currently provide, identify gaps and embrace emerging opportunities. Vectors Group’s strategic-planning process helped us evaluate where we are, identify our priorities and develop a clear plan to achieve them.”

    Deirdre Freiheit, President & CEO, Shepherds of Good Hope


    “Vectors Group and its Lead Consultant Omer Livvarcin were very helpful in facilitating the creation of a video series for OrKidstra. We very much appreciate Vector Group’s commitment to helping us tell our story and increase awareness and support for our social development through music programs.”

    Tina Fedeski, M.S.M., Executive & Artistic Director, OrKidstra

    Other Services

    Risk Empathy

    We have written before about the importance of empathy in risk management, but in this installment, we want to talk about risk empathy, which is quite different.  Risk empathy is the practice of the risk manager designing the risk management practices of the organization with empathy towards those workers and volunteers who need to implement

    Are you solving yesterday’s problems or creating tomorrow’s opportunities?

    This is a simple question: are you solving yesterday’s problems or creating tomorrow’s opportunities?  Yet, observing life around me during the Covid19 crisis reminds me of this question. Often the difference between an idea that solves yesterday’s problems and one that creates tomorrow’s opportunities is very subtle.  These are the ideas that may become innovations and

    Integrated Risk Management

    I like strawberry ice cream, jalapenos, and single malts, but what the heck do they have to do with integrated risk management? The answer is that just as your flavors need to be integrated, so does your risk management. While no one would ever think of combining strawberry ice cream, jalapenos, and single malt scotch