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All Nonprofit Board members know the classic risk treatments: eliminate, mitigate, ignore. But is that all? The answer is an emphatic NO!. In fact, it just might be that the most important risk treatment is also the most ignored or forgotten. That special risk treatment is “embrace”. Risk management is the management of future uncertainty

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Risk management is essential for the growth and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. However, risk management shall not be a burden for nonprofit leaders and charitable sector managers. The ViStA Risk Management Framework is a scientific risk management tool developed specifically for nonprofits and charities. Risk should be the servant of the objectives of a nonprofit

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Risk management tools

What is the best risk (or risk management) tool that nonprofit organizations and charities can use? Nonprofit leaders need practical risk management tools to deal with uncertainty and risks. Risk management tools are also useful to benefit from the opportunities. Many researchers and practitioners have been looking for the magical answer for decades. Here is

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