Management Consulting for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

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VG 101

75 + 75 (150) minutes


Program Content

  • Introduction of notable literature of team management
  • Discussion of pros and cons of different models of team management
  • Case studies of real time examples of team dynamics
  • How to build healthy teams
  • Comparison of the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy teams
  • Solutions to make team management measurable
  • How to motivate teams to achieve organizational goals and maximize organizational performance
  • How to align teams with strategies
  • How to diagnose unhealthy teams and cure them
  • How to determine internal and external roles of team members

Who Should Attend

  • Nonprofit board members and managers who wish to establish healthy teams in their organization
  • Senior leaders and department heads who are actively participating in teams
  • All members of nonprofit teams including volunteers
  • Anyone who has an interest in joining a nonprofit team

Key Benefits

  • Become familiar with the basics of team management literature
  • Compare the pros and cons of various key models and determine the best for your organization
  • Learn the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy teams

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