Management Consulting for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

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Strategic Planning and Evaluation

VG 201

Learn how to manage the future of your organization.

Intentional Project Management

VG 203

Learn how to make your projects succeed.

Promoting Positive Change

VG 205

Learn how to establish successful change processes in nonprofits.

Fundamentals of Risk Management

VG 207

Be prepared for the risk and opportunities.

Compensation management of nonprofit employees

VG 209

Learn compensation systems in Canada.

Operational Effectiveness

VG 202

Get tools for increasing the effectiveness of your operations.

Human Resources as an Asset

VG 204

Learn how to use maximize the value of your human resources.

Running a social enterprise

VG 206

Learn all aspects of the social enterprise management.

Innovative thinking in non-profit sector

VG 208

Learn how to build innovative culture in nonprofit organizations.