Management Consulting for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

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Program Content
  • What makes innovative organizations innovative: culture and capacity
  • Solving problems – understanding the process of finding, defining and solving challenges
  • Building innovation skills in your staff
  • What’s your style of thinking and the type of ideas you tend to create
  • Creating “idea factories” to add value to services or to invent new services
  • Managing your ideas: improvements and innovations
  • Understanding the tools – idea meetings, creative problem solving, design thinking, and user experience models
  • Designing an non-profit innovation strategy
Who Should Attend
  • Non-profit board members and managers who wish to build their capacity to innovate
  • Senior leaders and department heads who want new skills for creating and managing ideas to solve challenges
  • Members of non-profit teams to build their skills to innovate as teams
Key Benefits
  • Learn how to build innovative culture in non-profit organizations
  • Understand innovation in non-profit service sector
  • Ability to launch idea meetings, idea factories and other tactics to shape new initiatives
ED BERNACKI, Senior Consultant

Ed Bernacki,
Senior Consultant

Ed Bernacki started his career as an innovator in the non profit sector. He then developed an international expertise in innovation in the service sectors working with numerous non profits and various governments to implement innovation strategies. In the process he delivered over 200 training workshops and spoke at over 250 conferences in 10 countries. He authored several books and invented a series of idea navigator journals to help people be more innovative in their work.

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