Management Consulting for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

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VG 223

Duration: 6 hours
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Canada is a nation of diversity, which has created a society of mixed languages, cultures, faith, various levels of education, and other variety of aspects of life. With the increasing diversity of Canadians, the demand for community services has also increased. Approximately 85,000 nonprofit organizations engage in community activities in Canada, and almost similar amount of charitable organizations.
Canada’s charitable and non-profit sector is diverse and vibrant, and touches almost every characteristic of Canadian life. It creates collective actions of community leaders, professionals, and driven by community members who come together to generate solutions to common problems, and to build stronger and more resilient local communities.
Despite willingness to support the community, in the implementation oftentimes there is confusion of the project being similar to the organization’s routine operational work, or the project moved away from the organizational strategy. We begin with fundamental question in nonprofit Project management: how the practitioners bring into life the idea of improving various aspects of communities’ life through a project?
This course offers opportunities for participants to obtain additional knowledge and skills on developing a project derives from an idea of supporting communities who serve seniors, women, youth, First Nations, employment centres, faith groups, or homeless people. It equally offers knowledge on charitable and international development projects, whether to be implemented local Canada or abroad. The course helps develop practical experience and skills that are transferable to sectors e.g. education, medical and health, art and cultural, water and sanitation, women empowerment, agriculture, and microfinance.
The course equally important to be attended by newly landed internationally trained professionals to fast-track immersion into community development field in Canada and better prepared to capture job opportunities in this sector.

Program Content
  • Project versus Non Project
  • Project Life Cycle models
  • Value identification in Project Development
  • Project Logical Framework (Result Chains)
  • Case studies and recommended reading materials
Who Should Attend
  • Project staff/officers in nonprofits/ humanitarian organizations
  • Persons who are planning to start up an NGO for a selected cause
  • Community development practitioners
  • Health promotion practitioners
  • Students of relevant sectors
Key Benefits

By completing the course, participants will gain:

  • Knowledge on recognizing the distinctions between Project versus Non project
  • Knowledge on phases of Project Life Cycle and its applications in sectors
  • Hands on experience on adding values into project development, a soft skill that is increasingly needed in project implementation in particular in conflict area and complex situation.
  • Skills on transforming a project idea into systematic Project Logical Framework.

Ida Rafiqah, MPH, ECPC

Ida Rafiqah is a Program Advisor at Vectors Group, where she brings a wealth of expertise in designing development projects from initiation to exit strategy, stakeholder relations, managing large data of multiple projects in fast-paced environment, securing funding for NGOs for project implementation and meeting project goals for sustainability; and experienced in managing humanitarian issues in complex topics both in developing and developed world.
Ida is a Certified Solution-Focused Coach with deep understanding on adult learning methodologies to provide effective learning solution through instructor-led and online channels. With over 20 years of experience with reputation management consultancies, fast moving consumer goods and international non profit organization, Ida had served leading organizations including the World Bank, Ogilvy Public Relations and had helped Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Nestle, UNICEF, Save the Children, hospital chains, diplomatic missions and numerous NGOs around the world for development projects management, corporate public relations and organizational capacity development and learning.

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