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Einstein and nonprofit management are closely related. Einstein was generally considered to be a reasonably smart dude. After all, he dreamed up the famous “e equals m c squared” formula and other stuff that people don’t even try to comprehend. He was so smart that a book about a car trip with his brain became

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Risk management is essential for the growth and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. However, risk management shall not be a burden for nonprofit leaders and charitable sector managers. The ViStA Risk Management Framework is a scientific risk management tool developed specifically for nonprofits and charities. Risk should be the servant of the objectives of a nonprofit

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Risk management tools

What is the best risk (or risk management) tool that nonprofit organizations and charities can use? Nonprofit leaders need practical risk management tools to deal with uncertainty and risks. Risk management tools are also useful to benefit from the opportunities. Many researchers and practitioners have been looking for the magical answer for decades. Here is

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Swimming naked

Warren Buffet is supposed to have said that “only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked.” The pandemic has shown which non-profit organizations were swimming naked in terms of their risk management. Organizations that skimped on risk management – or even worse – totally ignored it, were the ones

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Why Risk Management is Like Advertising

While half of your risk management activities may be wasted, the other non-wasted half more than pays for itself and ultimately increases the effectiveness of your non-profit organization.

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Building Capacity to Innovate for Associations and Non Profits Published By Ed Bernacki, Senior Consultant VECTORS GROUP Building Capacity to Innovate for Associations and Non Profits Leading people, leading ideas: strategies and solutions Our management culture focuses on managing people. Equally important is how we manage ideas. Leaders need expertise in managing people and managing Read More
ED BERNACKI SENIOR CONSULTANT Published By Ed Bernacki, Innovationalist at Brant Idea Factory Countries are attacking COVID in a variety of ways. Most countries adopted a strategy to track people who have COVID or may be exposed to the virus from someone. Many countries have COVID apps to do this. These fall into one of Read More
Emergency Community Support Fund Vectors Group We care about society, just like you Published By Omer Livvarcin, Ph.D. Canada invested $350 million to support vulnerable Canadians through charities and non-profit organizations that deliver essential services to those in need. The investment will flow through national organizations that have the ability to get funds quickly to Read More
Seven Big Sins of Nonprofit Organizations during Crisis Published By Rick Nason, Ph.D. Published By Omer Livvarcin, Ph.D. Seven Big Sins of Nonprofit Organizations during Crisis 1. Waiting for normal When normal? What normal? Who knows! Stop hoping you do. If your stakeholders need you, waiting is not an option. 2. Ignoring change Change is Read More
Empathy versus Sympathy Published By Rick Nason, Ph.D. Published By Omer Livvarcin, Ph.D. The latest news about the COVID pandemic does little to diminish the uncertainty, and in fact, may seem to be increasing it. While there is talk of how to restart the economy, there are also studies to suggest that we may be Read More